One of My (Many) Styling Obsessions: GARDEN STOOLS!!!!

I am considering doing a style series on different design “obsessions”. What are some of your favorite décor pieces?

Stool Collage

I LOVE CERAMIC GARDEN STOOLS!!! I would love to have one in every room in my townhouse! They are chic, elegant, and universal. You can use them in place of nightstands, side / end tables, footstools, or just for pure aesthetic impact. They are available in all colors, styles, patterns, and materials, and the best part is: the price range!!!! I have seen garden stools as inexpensive as $40 – $60. The most expensive stool I came across was around $1,000.

Originating from China, these stools were traditionally used in gardens, dating back 1,000 years. Chinese homes were built around a courtyard, so outdoor furniture was essential. Eventually, these garden stools were used both indoors and outdoors as casual seating. Indoor stools were typically portable and made out of wood, while outdoor furniture, needing to withstand the elements, was created with stone, glazed stoneware, or porcelain.

Garden stools have been exported to the West for about 300 years, but it has only been since the mid-20th century that they have gained such popularity in the American interior design field. And with so many ways to style them in your home, I have a strong feeling that garden stools will be a popular design choice for years to come. 



Author: A. Simmone Cook

I am an interior design enthusiast, following my passion in 2018.


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